RDMS™ Rackmount Receivers

Quasonix RDMS™ 1U rackmount receiver

The Final Word on Data Integrity

The highest performing telemetry receiver on the market is available in an elegant, compact 1U rack mount package and a 3U touchscreen package with dual, 7-inch full color touchscreens. Configurations include one channel, two channels, or two channels plus combiner; an integrated three-channel spectrum analyzer; automatic AGC zeroing; PCM deframing (header detection/extraction, Sub-Frame ID (SFID) checking/extraction); built-in playback demodulator; combiner IF output; simultaneous TTL and RS-422 outputs; contiguous frequency tuning; adaptive equalizer; and decoding for SOQPSK Space Time Coded and Low Density Parity Check encoded signals.

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10 thoughts on “RDMS™ Rackmount Receivers”

  1. Maximum RF Input is listed as +20dB. Is this the maximum safe limit? If so, what is the maximum usable RF input level? Or, if +20dB is the maximum usable RF input level, then what is the maximum safe limit?

    • +20 dBm (100mW) is the recommended maximum safe RF input level. Less than 0 dBm input level is recommended for proper demodulation of any waveform.

  2. All receivers work with windows or linux system?
    If yes, how you deal with windows or linux version changes?


    • The operating system in the RDMS™ is Arch Linux, which we custom-tailor to the application. We incorporate updates when they benefit the performance or features of the product.

      The remote control interface is via web browser, which can run under any OS.

    • Power consumption depends on the number of channels in the rack, the demodulators and decoders currently in use, and the data rate. For absolute maximums, you can use the following:
      Single channel: 60 watts
      Dual channel: 80 watts
      Dual channel with combiner: 100 watts

      For 3U units, excluding the -IP option (IP packet output of PCM data), the consumption is 10 watts higher than the figures given above for 1U units.

    • The RDMS™ ships with a comprehensive set of test data loaded onto the unit, and accessible through the browser interface. The AC power supply is CE certified, but the complete unit is not.


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