Ethernet Via Telemetry (EVTM)

Redefine the “Local” in Local Area Network. With the Quasonix Ethernet Via Telemetry (EVTM) system, your test article can be on your ground station LAN, just like any other computer or Ethernet appliance.

TMoIP Processor

The ideal solution for distributing telemetry data across your network, providing IRIG 218-20 compatible telemetry transport in both a bidirectional 12-channel 1U form factor (TMOIP-12) and a 3-channel integrated solution embedded in a 1U or 3U RDMS™ receiver.

Maximum Likelihood Stream Combiner™

“Best” Just Got Better. Introducing the Quasonix Maximum Likelihood Stream Combiner™, a new approach to Best Source Selection that extracts optimal data from multiple received signals. The MLSC™ leverages Data Quality Encapsulation (DQE), Maximum Likelihood Bit Detection (MLBD), and proprietary Quasonix algorithms to improve your received data accuracy under the most challenging conditions.

Network Assistant Datasheet

Features of the Quasonix Network Assistant, a browser-accessible server that identifies all Quasonix network addressable equipment and provides easy access to units for monitoring and maintenance, without requiring a list…