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If it's a Quasonix product, then it outperforms the competition.
Otherwise, we just wouldn't bother.

Who we are

With a razor-sharp focus on the aeronautical telemetry market and a team rich in talent, experience, and sheer determination, Quasonix is able to consistently design, develop, and manufacture what our customers regard as market-leading telemetry products.

Quasonix is… Reinventing Telemetry™.

What we do

Quasonix is recognized as the industry leader for spectrally efficient modulations such as SOQPSK-TG and Multi-h (ARTM) CPM and for ongoing innovation in the field of telemetry.

Our product line includes multi-mode telemetry transmitters; multi-mode, multi-symbol trellis telemetry demodulators; complete multi-mode telemetry receivers; rack-mount receiver analyzers; precision-drive pedestal antennas; and portable low-gain antennas.

More and more, flight-test engineers are discovering that Quasonix products regularly outperform and outclass all other equipment on the market.

Customer commitment

Quasonix is known for its dedication to customers throughout all phases of interaction, from helping select the right products through delivery and ongoing support. These are our quality objectives:

  1. Continuously improve the quality of the products that are delivered to our customers.
  2. Ensure that we provide our customers with on-time delivery.
  3. Strive for total customer satisfaction in the products and services we provide.

To learn more about our focus on quality and on our customers:

Top News

Quasonix Wins Eglin Receiver Contract

West Chester, OH – Eglin Air Force Base has selected Quasonix based on performance and capabilities demonstrated in their third round of SEGR (Spectrum Efficient Ground Receiver) procurement.

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