RDMS™ Rackmount Receivers

Quasonix RDMS™ 1U rackmount receiver

The Final Word on Data Integrity

The highest performing telemetry receiver on the market is available in an elegant, compact 1U rack mount package and a 3U touchscreen package with dual, 7-inch full color touchscreens. Configurations include one channel, two channels, or two channels plus combiner; an integrated three-channel spectrum analyzer; automatic AGC zeroing; PCM deframing (header detection/extraction, Sub-Frame ID (SFID) checking/extraction); built-in playback demodulator; combiner IF output; simultaneous TTL and RS-422 outputs; contiguous frequency tuning; adaptive equalizer; and decoding for SOQPSK Space Time Coded and Low Density Parity Check encoded signals.

Key Features

  • Complete Receiver – RF to Bits – a single-box solution that includes downconversion, demodulation, and bit synchronization
  • Data Quality Encapsulation (DQE) to bundle Data Quality Metric (DQM) words with payload data, including a sync word to aid BSS time alignment; built-in real-time DQM display
  • Best-Channel Selector (BCS) seamlessly selects the best channel (Channel 1, Channel 2, or Pre-Detection Diversity Combiner) based on DQM, which is then used as the combiner data output
  • Built-in integrated three-channel spectrum analyzer shows frequency domain view for up to three channels simultaneously
  • Multi-Mode diversity combiner supports both Maximal Ratio Combining and Best Source Selection modes and features a revolutionary dynamic time alignment function that increases the allowable time skew between channels by over 1300 nanoseconds—more than 60 bits at high bit rates!
  • Built-in playback demodulator IF inputs for each channel, 75 kHz to 20 MHz, or 70 MHz with selectable SAW filter
  • Simultaneous RS-422 and TTL for all units
  • NEW IRIG 218-20 compatible telemetry transport (TMoIP) via 1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 port (requires -IP2 option)
  • Tuning Range from 200 MHz to 5250 MHz
  • Versatile Rack-Mount Enclosures – 1U or 3U 19” rack-mount chassis houses one or two receiver channels covering P, lower L, upper L, full S, C, or multiple bands per channel
  • Easy on-site updates of software and firmware may now be installed by the customer on-site via SD card or network
  • Best SOQPSK-TG detection in the Industry, yielding improvements of 2 dB or more over the competition’s single-symbol detectors
  • True multi-symbol trellis detection all three ARTM modes for optimal demodulation
  • 3.5 to 5 dB improvement in PCM/FM performance vs. the best single-symbol demodulators, to within 0.2 dB of the theoretical limit
  • Enhanced Modulation Index Tracking* for PCM/FM maintains superior BER performance even if the received signal’s modulation index varies by as much as 500%, a major breakthrough for tracking legacy analog transmitters (*patented)
  • Phase Noise Compensation optimizes demodulator performance for use with legacy TM packs and transmitters with excessive phase noise
  • Typical noise figure of 3.5 dB bests all other ARTM receivers on the market, hands down
  • Synchronizes up to 100 times faster – and maintains sync at lower signal-to-noise ratios – than any other ARTM demodulator
  • Spectrum analyzer shows frequency domain view for up to three channels simultaneously
  • Automatic AGC zeroing
  • Browser-based remote interface

Product Literature

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