Efficient and powerful data transmission.


Accurate demodulation in the toughest tests.


High-speed, reliable traffic and network management

Test Equipment

Measurement to improve your missions.

Who says you can't have it all?

From data transmission to satellite tracking and reception to demodulation and synchronization, backed up by test equipment to make sure you’re mission-ready and getting the most out of your telemetry gear, Quasonix has you covered. Our end-to-end solutions make us the only company in the industry able to meet all your telemetry needs. Contact your local sales support to learn more or to make a purchase.



Precision-Drive Antenna Systems

Quasonix offers a series of Precision Drive (PD) pedestals utilizing reflectors from 3 feet to 20 feet in diameter, which can be easily integrated with RF and optical payloads for a wide range of telemetry tracking applications.

QTrack™ Antennas

Quasonix QTrack™ portable low-gain antennas, coupled with industry-leading Quasonix RDMS™ telemetry receivers, are the perfect solution for portable or mast-mounted antenna applications. Watch a short demo!


TIMTER™ Transmitters

Quasonix digital multi-mode telemetry transmitters are the benchmark of the industry, providing unparalleled performance and value, in small, robust, power-efficient packages.

TIMTER™ Dual Transmitters

Quasonix digital multi-mode dual telemetry transmitters provide the flexibility of two high performance, independent transmitters in one package.

Rackmount Transmitter Platform

With integrated cooling, a browser interface, a new API, and high-quality components throughout, our Rackmount Transmitter Platform simplifies deployment and operation of your telemetry transmitters.


RDMS™ Compact Receivers

Quasonix’s multi-mode compact RDMS™ telemetry receiver features an extremely-sensitive RF downconverter integrated with the company’s market-leading ARTM demodulator and bit synchronization in a flight-ready package.

RDMS™ Compact Receiver-Combiner

The highest-performing telemetry receiver on the market is now available in a compact, flight-ready package. Experience all the advantages of diversity combining and more – anywhere your test article takes you.

RDMS™ Rackmount Receivers

The highest performing telemetry receiver on the market is available in an elegant, compact 1U rackmount package and a 3U touchscreen package with dual, 7-inch full color touchscreens.


Ethernet Via Telemetry (EVTM)

Redefine the “Local” in Local Area Network. With the Quasonix Ethernet Via Telemetry (EVTM) system, your test article can be on your ground station LAN, just like any other computer or Ethernet appliance.

TMoIP Processor

The ideal solution for distributing telemetry data across your network, providing IRIG 218-20 compatible telemetry transport in both a bidirectional 12-channel 1U form factor (TMOIP-12) and a 3-channel integrated solution embedded in a 1U or 3U RDMS™ receiver.

Maximum Likelihood Stream Combiner™

“Best” Just Got Better. Introducing the Quasonix Maximum Likelihood Stream Combiner™, a new approach to Best Source Selection that extracts optimal data from multiple received signals. The MLSC™ leverages Data Quality Encapsulation (DQE), Maximum Likelihood Bit Detection (MLBD), and proprietary Quasonix algorithms to improve your received data accuracy under the most challenging conditions.

Network Assistant Datasheet

Features of the Quasonix Network Assistant, a browser-accessible server that identifies all Quasonix network addressable equipment and provides easy access to units for monitoring and maintenance, without requiring a list…

Test Equipment

Receiver Analyzer

The Receiver Analyzer automates a wide range of receiver and combiner performance tests. RA 3.0 software improves flexibility, speed, and time savings.

RDMS™ Status Logger

Need a powerful way to analyze receiver/demodulator mission dynamics? The Quasonix RDMS™ Status Logger is the solution.

QSight™ L/S/C-Band Boresight System

The QSight™ system is a multi-band, high-powered, boresight RF test source. It allows an operator to verify that the receive range telemetry system is properly configured and operating as expected prior to a mission, preventing costly test failures.



Whether you’re connecting, cooling, or controlling your telemetry gear, Quasonix has the accessories you need to do it right.