RDMS™ Compact Receivers

Quasonix RDMS™ compact receiver

Airborne Accuracy

Quasonix’s multi-mode compact RDMS™ telemetry receiver features an extremely sensitive RF downconverter integrated with the company’s market-leading ARTM demodulator and bit synchronization in a compact 12 cubic inch flight-ready package. When compared to the competition, RDMS™ offers a remarkable 6 to 8 dB sensitivity advantage. What you choose to do with the extra link margin is up to you.

Key Features

  • Complete Receiver – RF to Bits
    A single-box solution that accepts RF signals, and delivers baseband clock and data. No external add-ons required. 
  • Flight-ready package
    Compact 12 in.³ (4.00″ x 3.00″ x 1.00″) enclosure. 
  • True Trellis Demodulation in all ARTM Modes
    Provides true trellis detection in all three ARTM modes for optimal demodulation. 
  • Lower L, upper L, full S, C, or multiple bands available
  • Lowest noise figure
    3.5 dB noise figure bests all other ARTM receivers on the market, hands down.

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Available Options

  • Powerful adaptive equalizer mitigates multipath distortion
  • Optional contiguous tuning from 200 MHz through 2500 MHz and 4400 MHz through 5250 MHz
  • Low Density Parity Check coding, included in all receivers with SOQPSK demodulation, operates with Quasonix LDPC-enabled transmitters to improve link margin by up to 9 dB, while still using 22% less bandwidth than PCM/FM at the same payload data rate
  • Extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Viterbi decoder (k=7, R=1/2), Tier 0, Legacy
  • SAW IF filters (14)
  • Wide voltage (15-35 VDC)
  • Ethernet payload, used for Ethernet Via Telemetry (EVTM)

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Supporting Items

Quasonix RDMS™ compact (airborne) receiver heat sink
Airborne Receiver Heat SinkHeat sink for 3″ x 4″ compact (airborne) receiver. Does not require a power source. Part Number: QSX-AC-RXHS
Quasonix RDMS™ compact receiver MDM-15 RS-422 and TTL wiring harness
MDM-15 RS-422 and TTL Wiring Harness for RDMS™Male MDM-15 connector wiring harness with banana plugs for power and ground, BNC connectors for TTL clock and data, and a DB-9 connector for serial control. Part Number: QSX-AC-MDM15-HARNESS-SOCK-RDMS

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