QSight™ L/S/C-Band Boresight System

Trust But Verify

The QSight™ system is a multi-band, high-powered, boresight RF test source. It allows an operator to verify that the receive range telemetry system is properly configured and operating as expected prior to a mission, preventing costly test failures.

Integrated Transmit Assembly (TA) — L, S, and C bands are covered with the dual-output transmitter and the dual polarization (H and V) antenna.

2U Rackmount Chassis — The Controller Assembly (CA) resides on the user’s network and supports a user interface via an embedded web server and the user’s browser. A single cable connects the CA to the Transmit Assembly (TA).

Data Sources from Internal Data Generators and User Supplied Data — With data rates from 24 kbps to 46 Mbps, the QSight provides standard PN generators from the internal transmitter, including user defined patterns, as well as PCM frame assembly with programmable frame header and size; RS-422 or TTL data with clock-free operation; IRIG 218 (TMoIP) stream.

120 dB Output Power Range — Power and polarization calibrated from –40 to +40 dBm EIRP; Operational down to –80 dBm EIRP.

Drives Both Ports in Phase or 90° Shifted or Drives One Port, H or V — Dual Transmitter drives Vertical and Horizontal antenna elements to produce any angle linear, or Left Hand or Right Hand circular polarization.

Accessible from Any Browser – The QSight User Interface provides remote configuration, control, and monitoring of the system. All settings of the TA can be changed easily and quickly during testing, including frequency, modulation, power, and data rate.

Optional Ethernet Accessories — Camera with Ethernet interface; positioner with Ethernet control.

Product Literature

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QSight™ Boresight Datasheet2024.03.25Features and specifications for the QSight™ boresight – a complete and simple solution including an L/S/C band dual-output Transmit Assembly (TA) and 2U rackmount Controller Assembly (CA).

Available Options

  •  Ethernet based camera
  •  Dehydrator
  •  Outdoor enclosure (DDB 7U enclosure)
  •  EVTM Encoder
  •  MPT-50 positioner

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User Manuals and Guides

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QSight™ Boresight Manual1.02023.08.22Installation and operation of Quasonix’s QSight™ boresight system, including hardware assembly and browser interface instructions.

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