QTrack™ Antennas

Quasonix QTrack™ antenna with optional camera, mounted on a tripod

Self-Contained Ground Station

This low-gain antenna based on the Quasonix Acquisition Aid Antenna, coupled with the industry-leading RDMS™ telemetry receiver, is the perfect solution for portable or mast-mounted antenna applications. Combined with our state-of-the-art antenna control unit (ACU) with its straightforward user interface, the QTrack™ enables simple and robust data capture for your missions.

Check out a demonstration of the dexterity of a QTrack™ antenna as it auto-tracks and recovers telemetry data from a drone. Can your antenna do this?

Key Features

  • Portable
    Two-person transport and setup (transport case recommended); free-standing antenna can be set up easily using a Moog Gibraltar tripod (model 4-60450-0A, available from Quasonix as part number QC-ACC-001) or equivalent
  • Versatile
    Allows for portable, bi-directional Ethernet Via Telemetry (if equipped with integrated uplink transmitter)
  • Simultaneous LHCP and RHCP RF Outputs
    2-channel rotary joint allows continuous azimuth travel
  • Dual Axis Pedestal
    Multi-band SCM feed mounted in a dual axis pedestal; includes power supplies, slip rings, and rotary joint
  • Electronic Scanning for Highly Dynamic Targets
    Quasonix feeds sweep the beam electronically, allowing scan rates up to 50 kHz, greatly mitigating the challenges inherent in tracking targets that impose high degrees of amplitude modulation on transmitted signals


Product Literature

TypeTitleVersionFile SizeUpdatedLengthDescription

Transportable Antennas Slideshow2023.10.231:55Quasonix antennas are going places, through innovative engineering that allows for greater size, mobility, and utility, while maintaining extended durability and jitter-free precision tracking. This slideshow gives you a taste of the ways we are responding to customers’ needs. You CAN take it with you.

QTrack™ Demonstration2020.12.057:50Demonstration of the agility of a QTrack™ antenna as it auto-tracks a drone. Can your antenna do this?

QTrack™ Antenna Datasheet2023.10.16Features of the QTrack™ telemetry antenna and its accompanying Antenna Control Unit (ACU), plus specifications.

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