RDMS™ Status Logger

Quasonix RDMS™ status logger

That which is measured, improves.
That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.

Need a powerful way to analyze receiver/demodulator mission dynamics? The Quasonix RDMS™ Status Logger is the solution. View metrics in a real-time graphics display and log status information to a file. 

With two configurations, the RDMS™ Status Logger is versatile AND easy to set up. The Compact Status Logger provides an interface between an available USB port on your PC and the 25 pin control port on the rear panel of an RDMS™ receiver. A 1U interface unit provides for up to four (4) RDMS™ connections simultaneously. What other tool can access the receiver status metrics, timestamp them, and log them to a PC hard drive or SD card, enabling unparalleled access to metrics for post-mission analysis? None that we know of.

Key Features

Compact Status Logger

  • Connects via cable to an RDMS™ Telemetry Receiver and your PC
  • Quasonix user interface software runs on your PC

Rackmount Status Logger with Integrated Controller

  • Status Logger application runs on an internal controller
  • Supports up to four RDMS receivers
  • Status information can be offloaded to USB or SD card storage devices
  • Connect your monitor and keyboard to the logger to view the user interface software
  • Unit can be remotely accessed over Ethernet with the use of VNC Viewer software (included)

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RDMS™ Status Logger ManualAug-2019

Installation, setup, and use of the RDMS™ Status Logger, for collecting mission status metrics from Quasonix RDMS™ telemetry receivers.

RDMS™ Status Logger DatasheetNov-2022

Overview of the possible configurations, features, and logged metrics of Quasonix’s RDMS™ Status Logger.

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12 thoughts on “RDMS™ Status Logger”

  1. Is the RDMS Status Logger designed to operate in an atmospheric pressure between 14.7 PSIA and 13.0 PSIA (0 to 3300 feet MSL)? How about non-operating atmospheric pressure range?

    Thank you.

    • The Status Logger is designed to operate in environments that humans live in. The system is crossflow cooled, so it at least needs access to enough air movement.

      Non-operating, it should survive to about 10,000 feet.

  2. All concerned,

    What voltage does the QSX-RXSL-RM2C-IC require to operate? Additionally, what is the nominal current associated with this model? Lastly, what is the power supply efficiency associated with this model?

    James Tate

    • Thanks for your questions. Voltage is 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz; nominal current is 250 mA at 120 VAC; and efficiency of the power supply is 80% minimum.

  3. I have a Quasonix Telemetry Transmitter (QSX-VSR2-1000-10-02-04AB-DP-WV-HR). Do you have a suggested test set up configurations that verify the TM Tx is functioning properly while we are running tests?


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