Status Logger Steps it Up

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November, 2021

Status Logger Steps it Up

Quasonix’s RDMS™ Status Logger was already the industry’s only dedicated solution for recording and analyzing receiver/demodulator mission dynamics. An upcoming software update will take this powerful tool to a whole new level.

Status Logger R2

Quasonix is pleased to announce that a new era of Status Logger software is nearing release!

This version is being completely overhauled to improve capability and usability. Additionally, R2 will bring browser access to the Status Logger, to complement the browser access offered by the RDMS™. This will provide control, observation, and file management functions in a standard browser. Finally, API access to control and status will be introduced with a RESTful interface, to allow users to develop applications that communicate with the Status Logger.

This is a free upgrade that will be available for all existing Status Loggers and will soon ship on new units.

Contact to learn more about this monumental step forward and to see screen captures of the new features in action.

RDMS™ Release 19.2 Available

Update your receiver’s software today and start taking advantage of the latest features. It’s free and can be done via network connection (for receivers with R15 or later already installed) or by SD card.

Here are a few of the improvements you’ll see in Release 19.2:

Added the Reed-Solomon decoder and associated controls for Legacy *PSK modulations.

Added FEC Menu:

  • Reed-Solomon controls are located here if available.
  • LDPC and Viterbi controls moved here to better group Forward Error Correction actions.

Substantially improved combiner gain at low SNR for PSK.

Enhanced the RDMS API:

  • Added support for multiple item queries in all branches.
  • Implemented PCM Frame Detection controls and status.
  • Improved responses for query and settings input errors.
  • Enhanced the STRCI interface implementation to further improve compliance with version 4.3 of the standard.
  • Added the FFC control for use with analog transmitters that exhibit disproportionate AC coupling.

Did you miss a release? No, R19 was limited in distribution to one customer. They needed Reed-Solomon functionality for a mission requirement earlier than this general availability release would allow. Therefore, R19 was created in order to provide that one deliverable to them. All of the functionality that was contained in R19 is included in R19.2.

To receive release notes, update cards or packages, if you have any questions about this update, or if you have recommendations for future enhancements, please contact Keep the feedback coming. Your suggestions have a significant impact on our development plans.