COVID-19 Can’t Slow Us Down

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December, 2020

COVID-19 Can't Slow Us Down

Despite a challenging year, we’ve kept staff safe, continued to deliver for our customers, and set the stage for future growth and innovation.

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2020 has been a difficult year for nearly everyone. At Quasonix, we’re proud that through determination and ingenuity, we have been able to continue business unabated. Our sales this calendar year are set to meet or even exceed prior-year sales, and, for the most part, deliveries have been on time.

To continue to provide the training and support we’re known for, we have ramped up “telesupport” using GoToMeeting and other teleconferencing tools. One especially noteworthy effort is the development of a “virtual ITC booth,” starting with a live, interactive, video-based demonstration of our Ethernet Via Telemetry (EVTM) products and capabilities. The team has done a fantastic job of setting this up so that the experience simulates an in-person demonstration and open discussion. So far, we’ve been doing these for one customer at a time. Although it takes more time on our part, we think the ability to tailor the presentation to the customer’s application makes it worthwhile. That said, we plan to produce generic demos to post to our website at some time in the future.

One other significant accomplishment this year has been doubling our antenna production capacity. Infrastructure for manufacturing and testing of auto-tracking antennas is now in place in both our Moorpark and West Chester facilities.

It’s clear that the months ahead will be challenging as well. We expect to continue to “rise above” but will notify customers immediately if there is any breakdown in the supply chain that affects our ability to deliver.

RDMS™ Software Update

Our third-generation RDMS™ has taken another leap forward with this software/firmware release, available immediately.

Here are a few of the improvements you’ll see in Release 18:

Enhanced AQPSK demodulation, including improved demodulator acquisition, tracking, and sensitivity performance across all bit rate and power ratios for AQPSK, AUQPSK, and UQPSK.

Added basic EVTM uplink controls for the integrated transmitter in receivers that have such option installed, improved the accessibility of settings, and added an RF Output indicator.

Improved System Information with expanded version info (to include more programming subsystems), more detailed hardware information, and reorganized and consolidated Front Panel and Browser Interface presentation of System Information.

Added ability to Auto-start updates that are performed using the Network Update functionality.

Enhanced the RDMS API, with more support for specific queries in all branches, EVTM integrated transmitter control and status, DQM output for all channels, BCS quality output as well as the Combiner quality output, ability to set the RDMS Alias, and ongoing enhancements to the STRCI interface implementation to improve compliance with version 4.2 of the standard.

Please note that the Release 15 update is a ‘gatekeeper’ release and must be performed via SD card prior to updating to Release 18. Once R15 has been installed, future updates can be performed via SD card or network connection.

To receive release notes, update cards or packages, if you have any questions about this update, or if you have recommendations for future enhancements, please contact Keep the feedback coming. Your suggestions have a significant impact on our development plans.

STEP Models, Pinouts, and More

Did you know that you’ve got product models, drawings, user manuals, and more – right at your fingertips?

Over the past two years, we’ve added hundreds of files to our website to make it easier for you to find the information you need to do your job. This includes: 

  • STEP models and mechanical drawings for most of our transmitters and receivers
  • Transmitter pinout diagrams
  • Datasheets, catalogs, and other “pre-sale” literature
  • Operating manuals, technical guides, and downloadable software

These are all located at The icons at the top of that page show the categories of information available. Just click on the relevant icon to go to that section, filter to find the file you want, and click on its link.

Most sections can be filtered categorically or by text search. The “STEP Models, Drawings, and Pinout Diagrams” section also includes instructions on searching for specific products.

As always, we’re happy to provide personal support for any issue you may have. But if you just need quick and easy access to reference information, the Resources page is there for you.