Delivered: Eleven HyperTrack™ Systems in Seven Months

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January, 2022

Eleven HyperTrack™ Systems
in Seven Months

2021 saw the Quasonix engineering team complete the architecture for the long-awaited HyperTrack™ system. We tested and fine-tuned the product in house, then commenced an aggressive effort to start building and installing the much-anticipated “next generation” of telemetry tracking antennas.

3D illustration. Color bytes of binary code flying through a vortex, background code depth of field and flares. Data transmission channel. Motion of digital data flow. Transferring of big data

In the second half of 2021, Quasonix committed to – and succeeded in delivering – at least one complete HyperTrack™ antenna system per month for five months. We overcame COVID-induced supply-chain disruptions to install and commission antennas with DoD customers, commercial US customers, and international customers.

The response has been extremely positive. In all cases, we have heard that HyperTrack™ not only exceeded their needs, but also their expectations.

Texas: tri-band aircraft tracker
Arizona: tri-band helicopter tracker
Yuma Proving Grounds: tri-band helicopter and missile tracker
Korea: dual-band aircraft tracker
Eglin Air Force Base: tri-band aircraft and missile tracker

What is HyperTrack™?

It’s not just one thing, or an incremental change. HyperTrack™ is a complete system that results in vastly superior telemetry antenna performance and usability.

The demands of telemetry engineers are not the same today as a decade ago. Faster targets, extreme dynamics, higher RF frequencies (with smaller beamwidths), and ever-encroaching sources of interference make clean data collection more challenging than ever. In particular, there’s a huge need for antenna tracking to be more accurate. Step one is a faster tracking loop – increasing the scan rate and reducing loop latency and variation.

HyperTrack™ addresses these challenges through improved hardware and software, covering the full telemetry frequency range (including C-Band and Tri-band). The bedrock of the system is the HyperTrack™ Antenna Controller (HTAC), where all real-time processing is done in FPGA hardware for faster response. This is where the “math magic” happens, dramatically improving tracking. HyperTrack™ also comprises a Feed Controller, which accommodates Conscan and SCM feeds; the HyperTrack™ Control Protocol, which delivers raw receiver data (including real-time signal strength and data quality) to the HTAC, with latency under 1.5 microseconds; and an ever-growing list of software features.

In addition to faster and more accurate tracking overall, the HyperTrack™ system improves rejection of interferers and incidental AM from target motion, and it improves tracking on intermittent downlinks (such as iNET and EVTM).

You want more than stellar performance? HyperTrack is designed to make your life easier. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Completely Ethernet-based control and feedback
  • Dynamic, auto-adjusting tracking bandwidth
  • Auto setup for feed control – no need to tweak and tune
  • Expandable, modular design
  • New safety system, aligned with systems standardized in most manufacturing facilities
  • Standard assemblies, allowing easier maintenance and long-term part availability
  • Expanded system status feedback (module temp, humidity, pressure sensing, current draw, power supply health, and more)

And we won’t stop there. Every aspect of HyperTrack™ has been engineered to allow future enhancements with minimal impact to existing installations. Read on to learn how all of this is just the beginning for HyperTrack™ customers.

Why choose Quasonix?

If you want the best there is today, and a promise of support and future improvements, then HyperTrack™ is the system for you.

Our commitment to our HyperTrack™ customers goes beyond providing the best product possible – beyond hardware and software – to lifetime support. All HyperTrack™ systems come with the following:

A lifetime software warranty:
Quasonix provides free updates to our software. Our upgrades are backward compatible and allow all calibration data to be kept. As more features and capabilities become available, we provide them to our customers free of charge.

A three-year hardware warranty:
All Quasonix HyperTrack™ antenna systems come with a comprehensive three-year warranty. Provided that our customers certify that visual inspections and servicing have been maintained per our written instructions, any hardware issues are covered free of charge.

Lifetime user support:
All Quasonix HyperTrack™ antenna systems come with phone support for technical assistance. Our legendary customer service is provided via our technical support staff in Ohio and California and through our extensive representative network. In addition to being available by phone, we can be contacted via our support portal at

In short, we’re here for you. No wonder demand for HyperTrack™ is so strong, and growing. Why not work with the company that’s… Reinventing Telemetry™.

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