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Reinventing Telemetry™

October, 2022

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It’s not just a tagline. We really are… Reinventing Telemetry™, with complete telemetry link solutions to fit your needs. Stop by Booth 700 for live demos of our latest advancements and newest product offerings! Here is just a taste of what awaits you.

QBeam™ Digital Beamformer

Get the most out of your antenna array, and solve problems you haven’t been able to – until now. 

The QBeam™ digital beamformer is an innovative technology that can automatically “point” receive antennas for best signal reception without physically moving any antenna element. No tracking signal or special arrangement of the antennas is needed – just mount them where they can see the target. This beamforming is accomplished using Digital Signal Processing modules that can accommodate up to 16 antenna inputs each and that can be cascaded to support larger antenna arrays.The QBeam™ system typically includes a set of Quasonix RF Downconverters, each of which can be co-located with an antenna element; one or more Quasonix Digital Signal Processor modules, the heart of the QBeam™ system; and a Quasonix demodulator or RDMS™. These advanced components maximize system sensitivity, dramatically reduce adjacent-channel/adjacent-band interference, reject multipath, maximize antenna gain, and reliably demodulate the received signal to bits.The QBeam™ DSP has enough horsepower for more than just beamforming. Optional advanced algorithms include high-precision real-time direction finding, which may have several applications, such as interference source identification, antenna platform positioning, and antenna array troubleshooting. 

TMoIP Processor

Reliable, simple, and accurate packetized telemetry transport in both a 1U form factor and as an upgrade for your existing RDMS™ receiver.

You’ve transmitted and received your telemetry data. Now how do you distribute it across your network?The easy answer is the new Quasonix TMoIP Processor (QTP), which provides IRIG 218-20 compatible telemetry transport in both a bidirectional 12-channel 1U form factor (TMOIP-12) and a 3-channel integrated solution embedded in a 1U or 3U RDMS™ receiver (RDMS™ with the -IP2 option). The 1U standalone processor supports 6 or 12 channels of PCM input/output (field upgradable from 6 to 12). The RDMS™ integrated solution supports 3 channels of PCM input, 1 each for Channel 1, Channel 2, and Combiner, and is a factory upgrade for third-generation Quasonix receivers.In addition to providing accurate, reliable transport of all received telemetry data streams from receivers to the range network, the Quasonix TMoIP Processor comes with a rich, highly configurable, and easy-to-use interface. With features like automatic bit-rate and clock edge detection and a BER Test Mode with Generator and Analyzer, you’ll have your system set up and running smoothly in next to no time.  You can also count on lifetime software updates from Quasonix to keep your systems up to date with the latest IRIG standards.Get the quality, dependability, and usability you’ve come to expect from us. The TMoIP Processor is just the latest reason to make Quasonix your end-to-end telemetry supplier.

QSight™ Boresight System

Set your mission up for success with this simple, complete boresight solution.

The QSight™ system is a multi-band, high-powered, boresight RF test source that allows an operator to verify that the receive range telemetry system is properly configured and operating as expected prior to a mission.The outdoor portion of the unit consists of a high-performance RF telemetry transmitter with a multi-band antenna packaged in a single radome enclosure. A companion two-axis positioner as well as a camera can be added to allow for convenient testing of multiple receive sites. The indoor portion of the system is a 2U, 19” rackmount unit that is controlled via an external web browser based GUI. A single cable connects the transmit assembly with the controller, ensuring easy setup and robust operation.QSight™ supports a wide variety of IRIG-106 modulations and coding options. It can source either internally generated PN test patterns at a user specified data rate or externally supplied customer data via traditional RS-422 or TMOIP input. The power level is calibrated with a maximum output of 10 Watts EIRP and is controllable over an 80 dB range. This range of adjustment provides appropriate power levels for both short and long-distance test links.In addition to flexible telemetry signal generation, the QSight™ system can also precisely control its output polarization to verify the RF operation of receive antenna systems. Polarization options include vertical, horizontal, or fixed-linear at any arbitrary angle, right-hand or left-hand circular, as well as a rotating linear polarization mode. These modes allow the operator to easily measure and verify the cross-polarization and axial ratio performance of the receive antenna system prior to live operation.Ensure success for your next mission. Learn more about QSight™ today.

And that's not all!​

Since opening for business in 2002, Quasonix has been proud to be a pioneer in the industry, with multiple innovations that have been incorporated in IRIG 106. We continue to advance the state of the art, and would love to show you what’s new and improved, including:

  • HyperTrack™ Antennas
  • EVTM – TDD mode
  • Receiver Analyzer 3.0
  • And the rest of our broad range of transmitters, receivers, antennas, and test equipment.

We hope to see you at ITC this year! If that’s not possible, contact us at for expert product information, guidance, and support.