Quasonix To Forgo ITC 2021

Quasonix is proud to be a leader in the telemetry industry. One powerful adjunct has been our support of the annual International Telemetering Conference, where we have been a sponsor for more than a decade and the lead sponsor three years running. The symposium has been an opportunity for us to share a long list of innovations at the core of our company’s mission: Reinventing Telemetry™.

This year brings a “first” of a very different sort: Quasonix will not be presenting at ITC.

In May and June, the United States had all the weapons needed to deliver a knockout blow against COVID-19. New cases were as low as they had been since the beginning of the pandemic and trending down. Unfortunately, vaccination rates have been too low and too slow, and COVID cases are now rising dramatically, driven by the Delta variant:


We see at least three reasons not to participate in the upcoming conference:

  1. First and foremost, the nationwide surge of the Delta variant is an elevated risk for our would-be ITC team. We would only send vaccinated personnel, but they could still carry the virus home to unvaccinated friends, families, and other contacts. This would be irresponsible.
  2. Las Vegas has been singled out as a Delta hotspot, virtually eliminating international attendance.
  3. We expect the risks – real and perceived – to drive overall ITC attendance lower. This reduces the value of the conference for everyone.

In short, while we regret the circumstances, we strongly believe the best course of action is to opt for safety. We will continue to provide our best-in-class sales support and training through contactless means.

To learn more about our any of our products, including our game-changing HyperTrack™ antenna systems, contact us at sales@quasonix.com.

We will certainly miss seeing our friends, customers, and colleagues this year, but we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again next year in Glendale. Stay safe!