TMoIP Processor

Quasonix TMoIP Processor (TMOIP-12)

Reliable, simple, and accurate packetized telemetry transport

The Quasonix TMoIP Processor is the ideal solution for distributing telemetry data across your network. It provides IRIG 218-20 compatible telemetry transport in both a bidirectional 12-channel 1U form factor (TMOIP-12) and a 3-channel integrated solution embedded in a 1U or 3U RDMS™ receiver (RDMS™ with the -IP2 option). The Quasonix TMoIP Processor comes with a rich, highly configurable, and easy-to-use interface, with features like automatic bit-rate and clock edge detection and a BER Test Mode with Generator and Analyzer. You can also count on lifetime software updates from Quasonix to keep your systems up to date with the latest IRIG standards.

Key Features

PCM Telemetry Interface

  • Available as a stand-alone unit or integrated into Quasonix RDMS™ Receivers
    • Stand Alone: 6 or 12 Channels of PCM input/output (field upgradeable from 6 to 12)
    • RDMS™ Integrated (-IP2 option): 3 channels of PCM input, one each for Channel 1, Channel 2, and
      Combiner (factory upgrade for existing third-generation RDMS™ receivers)
  • PCM telemetry clock and data rates of 100 kbps to 50 Mbps per channel: Each channel supports an independent clock rate; bit rate detected automatically—no configuration needed
  • Bidirectional: To provide maximum flexibility, each channel can serve as a PCM input or output (TMOIP-12 only)
  • Electrical interface via TTL or RS-422: Clock and data for each channel can be configured for TTL via 75 ohm BNC, or for RS-422 via MDM-25 connectors (TMOIP-12 only)
  • Configurable TX/RX clock and data polarity with auto clock edge detection: Clocking edge can be automatically determined via relationship with data (most reliable edge is selected)

Network Interface

  • Two 1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports: Separate ports for configuration and data
  • IRIG 218-20 packet format: Support for the latest standard with first bit timestamping
  • Time Synchronization: Via Network Time Protocol (NTP) or Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE-1588/PTPv2
  • Per-channel configuration: Each channel is independently configurable for maximum flexibility
  • Configurable DQE frame alignment: TMoIP packet starts with a DQE frame and contains its full payload

User Interface

  • Local and remote management for configuration and monitoring: Front-panel LCD and LEDs for health and status (TMOIP-12 only); web browser based UI for command, control, health, and status
  • BER test mode with generator and analyzer: Allows full testing of system configuration and cabling prior to mission start
  • Easy field updates: Software updates may be installed by the customer on-site

Product Literature

TypeTitleVersionFile SizeUpdatedLengthDescription

TMoIP Processor Datasheet2023.10.12Features and specifications for the TMoIP Processor, which provides IRIG 218-20 compliant telemetry transport in both a 12-channel 1U form factor and a 3-channel integrated solution embedded in a 1U or 3U RDMS™ receiver.

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