TIMTER™ Dual Transmitters

Quasonix TIMTER™ dual transmitter

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Quasonix digital multi-mode dual telemetry transmitters provide the flexibility of two high performance, independent transmitters in one package. The standard 2.0 inch by 3.0 inch design includes a single MDM-15 interface as a primary connector for power, clock and data, and serial communications, while providing two separate RF outputs via SMA connectors. This configuration is ideal for two antenna applications that utilize Space-Time Coding (STC) or Frequency Diversity. The transmitters are designed to transmit airborne telemetry data from a test article to ground stations.

A legacy side-by-side design is employed in applications requiring bands that currently are not available in the Quasonix TIMTER Multi-mode Dual Telemetry Transmitter.

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6 thoughts on “TIMTER™ Dual Transmitters”

    • Thanks for your query, Gregory. One of our representatives will contact you to learn more about your use case and to determine the best possible solution for your needs.

    • Correct, there is no FM option available on the dual transmitter. The FM option is for support of legacy systems, but the dual transmitter is designed to support modern modulations.

      Package code will be defined for you once you have settled on all of the features that you want.

  1. The dual transmitter are used with 2 antennas to improve irradiation diagram, so to improve reception data into temetery ground station.
    Into dual transmitter there are some special feature to improve irradiation diagram?
    the dual transmitter has some special connection with stc feature?
    There is some great difference if a use 2 normal transmitter instead dual transmitter.



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