Transmitter-Powered Heat Sink

The heat sink assembly includes an integral +12 VDC fan and temperature-controlled power on at +37°C. Fan speed is regulated to compensate for changes in air pressure/density under high altitude conditions. Two MDM-15 connectors and a provided pigtail cable allow the heat sink to draw power directly from a TIMTER™ transmitter, eliminating the need for a separate external power supply. Operates from 21 VDC to 34 VDC. The wiring harness connects to any 2″ x 3″ TIMTER™, regardless of MDM-15 gender, by plugging into either the male or female connector on the heat sink. An adapter plate and Bergquist QPAD II thermal pad are also included.

Part Number: QSX-AC-HS-28V-SP

Thermal Considerations

It is important that the transmitter’s bottom surface (on the face opposite the product label) be securely attached to a baseplate capable of dissipating the power produced by the transmitter model in use. This mounting baseplate must be flat, smooth, and clean.

ATTENTION: You must operate the transmitter with a proper heat sink. Failure to do so may lead to permanent damage to the unit and will void the warranty. Overheating can occur in a matter of seconds when a transmitter is not properly heat-sinked. In absolutely no case should any type of stickers or labels be applied to the bottom surface of the transmitter.

The heat sink required for a particular transmitter depends heavily on the installation. Factors such as altitude, air temperature, air flow, and mass of the mounting surface all have a substantial impact on the flow of heat away from the transmitter. Quasonix offers several types of integrated and add-on heat sinks. Please contact for the power dissipation required and heat sink recommendations for your particular TIMTER™ transmitter.

Regardless of the heat sink, Quasonix strongly suggests using a thermal pad, such as Q-Pad® II from Bergquist.

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