We’re headed to ITC. Are you?


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Come see us at ITC!

The International Telemetering Conference is the premier annual forum for sharing and advancing the state-of-the art in telemetry. This year’s conference is Nov. 4-8 in Glendale, AZ. And once again, Quasonix is proud to be the Diamond sponsor of the event. You can find us in booth 903, where we’ll do live demos, showcase some of our innovations (a few are highlighted below), and be available to answer your questions. 

We hope to see you there!

Ground Station Analyzer (GSA)

The Quasonix Ground Station Analyzer offers end-to-end verification and calibration of receiver ground station performance, quickly and efficiently ensuring that your entire system is mission-ready under all field conditions.

  • Automated verification and calibration. Using a reference transmitter, with no need for an external boresight source, the GSA is able to verify the Antenna, Antenna Controller, and Receiver TM system performance using an RF based test approach.
  • Flexible testing. Once calibrated, the GSA is able to synthesize RF test signals that appear to be coming from a virtual target. This allows creation of arbitrary test profiles without the need of a boresight, drone, or live target.
  • Simple monitoring. View a summary of antenna, antenna controller, and received telemetry parameters in real-time in a simple absolute and time history scrolling display.
  • Additional metrics. Perform routine measurements or calibrations that would normally be tedious and time-consuming for an operator (G/T, interference sweep, etc).


Under normal conditions, strong sources of interference near the flight path can cause your auto-tracking antenna to lock onto them, losing the target. Enter HyperTrack™. Using the Data Quality Metric (DQM) to intelligently determine validity of the received data, it rejects interference and continues to follow the target. With a high-speed, all-digital interface between receivers and the antenna control unit, you get state-of-the-art speed and accuracy of tracking. Don’t get fooled again! Come see our live demo of HyperTrack™ in action.

Adaptive Interference Mitigation (AIM)

Quasonix is incorporating new, adaptive gain distribution technology into our QTrack™ portable low-gain antennas. Similar to HyperTrack™, AIM will use real-time signal-quality metrics to optimize the antenna gains to automatically reduce the impact of interference, resulting in superior tracking under a greater variety of conditions.

Contact us or stop by our booth to learn more about how you can get robust data acquisition for your missions, with unparalleled ease.

3rd Generation RDMS™ Release 16 available

The latest release of software/firmware for our third-generation RDMS™ is here! A few of the highlights:

  • Improved Adaptive Equalizer performance:
    • Added decision-directed feedback. Handles longer multipath delays and/or delayed paths with strength comparable to the direct path.
    • Enhanced performance across all modulation types.
  • Digital Clock & Data Output controls added to the Front Panel and Browser Interface for flexible output configuration, including simultaneous output of DQE and non-DQE streams.
  • Improved Browser Interface for better control of network bandwidth usage:
    • Selectable refresh rate for the Monitor page graphics. Includes a default setting for the receiver which applies to all clients, as well as the ability for clients to temporarily override this setting when desired.
    • Additional Monitor pages with targeted graphics, e.g., eye pattern/constellation only, combiner only.
  • Significant expansion and enhancement of the RDMS API.
  • For Quasonix Status Logger users, added PCM frame lock metrics for real-time status and tracking.
  • And much more
Under conditions where multipath is severe, the new adaptive equalizer (top) clearly outperforms its predecessor (middle). The bottom receiver shows the heartbreak of unequalized multipath.

Please note that the Release 15 update is a ‘gatekeeper’ release and must be performed prior to update to Release 16 or beyond. If you have not already updated your unit to R15, please write to support@quasonix.com to request an R15 update card. Once R15 has been installed, future update can be performed utilizing any update method.

Feedback has been outstanding; keep it up! If there are features that you’d like to see let us know. To receive release notes, update cards or packages, if you have any questions about this update, or if you have suggestions for future enhancements, please contact support@quasonix.com.

Did you know?

Just like with software/firmware updates, you can add features to your receiver – Adaptive Equalization, additional operating bands, etc. – via SD card on-site. Contact sales@quasonix.com to learn more about the process and pricing.

10,000 transmitters, and counting

Stack of Quasonix transmitters showing various sizes and types developed over the years, topped by candles celebrating ten-thousand units shippedQuasonix was founded in 2002 with the purpose of filling a void in the flight-test telemetry market for a company dedicated to the development and deployment of advanced telemetry products. It all started with the invention of the SOQPSK waveform and its implementation in transmitters.

Ten-thousand delivered transmitters later – and with growing product lines that make us the only company able to provide complete end-to-end telemetry solutions – we remain committed to exceeding customer expectations with the development of user-friendly technology that continually advances the state of the art. Like the newest members of our transmitter range: the small but mighty nanoTX™ and nanoPuck™, and our dual transmitters – ideal for two-antenna applications that utilize Space-Time Coding (STC) or Frequency Diversity for the highest possible signal quality.

Here’s to the next 10,000 transmitters – and to you, our customers, who are the inspiration for our innovation.