Quasonix Wins Eglin Receiver Contract


West Chester, OH – Eglin Air Force Base has selected Quasonix based on performance and capabilities demonstrated in their third round of SEGR (Spectrum Efficient Ground Receiver) procurement. This year, testing was even more stringent than in the past. Only Quasonix met requirements in all categories and qualified as the “Best Value” to the Air Force.

Quasonix will be delivering 100 RDMS™ receivers with enhanced features such as Adaptive Equalization, STC, LDPC, DQM, DQE, and STRCI. This technology helps Quasonix receivers excel in edge cases – maintaining telemetry lock, minimizing dropouts, and ensuring better data quality in the most brutal range and testing dynamics.

“This award reaffirms that the RDMS™ is simply the head of the class in telemetry receivers. The US Air Force performed exhaustive testing on the sample units, and we have shown – again – that we outperform all the competition,” said Terry Hill, President of Quasonix.


Quasonix designs, develops, and manufactures high-performance aeronautical telemetry systems and is a recognized industry leader for spectrally efficient modulations such as SOQPSK and Multi-h CPM. Quasonix’s advanced product line extends from the air to the ground and includes antennas, transmitters, receivers, and demodulators with integral bit synchronizers. Quasonix is… Reinventing Telemetry™, offering greater capabilities at lower cost.

For more information, please contact Terry Hill at sales@quasonix.com or 513-942-1287.