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Quasonix is on the move – literally, as we head to Las Vegas for this year’s International Telemetering Conference, and figuratively as we continue to advance the state of the art in telemetry.

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Come see us at ITC

Learn more about how Quasonix is... Reinventing Telemetry™


Quasonix will once again be the lead sponsor of ITC, the world’s premier telemetry conference, held this year from October 21-24 at Bally’s Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas. 

As the only company in the industry offering complete RF telemetry link solutions, we’ve got plenty to show off. Here are just a few highlights from this year’s exhibits.

Beamforming Antenna Kit

How do you follow a moving target with a fixed antenna? The answer is beamforming with automated tracking.

While combining multiple antenna elements (four, in this case) increases signal strength, it also results in very directional array gain:

Without Beamforming, Gain (dB) vs. Angle (deg)

By altering phase alignment across elements, it’s possible to direct the primary lobe to a different angle. That’s beamforming. But how do you know where to direct the beam? Our solution is to use one dual-channel receiver to combine two of the elements, another dual-channel receiver to combine the other two elements, and a third receiver to combine the signals from the first two receivers, thereby automatically steering the beam and maximizing the signal level, which also maximizes data quality from the test article. The increase in off-axis gain (shown in the yellow area below) is substantial:

Beamforming Improvement, Gain (dB) vs. Angle (deg)

But don’t take our word for it. Come get all the details and see a live demo of automated tracking and the vast improvement in signal strength that’s possible with automatic beamforming.

Adaptive Equalization

In recent years, adaptive equalizers have begun to appear in receivers in an effort to combat multipath distortion. As it turns out, not all equalizers are created,… well… equal. Stop by for a demonstration of an automated adaptive equalizer test showing the effects of no equalization, ordinary equalization, and Quasonix equalization. Spoiler alert: there really is a difference.

While you’re there, get a sneak preview of the next generation of our Receiver Analyzer – which, among other upgrades, will be more flexible, allowing you to run configurations that aren’t possible today. (Due for release in 2020)

And Much More

We’ll also have interactive displays showing

  • Status Logger, including new features
  • RDMS™ Release 17 – stop by to get your update card!
  • RDMS™ Best Channel Selector
  • Space-Time Coding
  • Our full range of single and dual transmitters
  • Ethernet via Telemetry
  • Antennas and the Antenna Control Unit (ACU)

Come see us in booth 201!

We’ll have detailed information on all our products, and our most knowledgeable staff will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Quasonix wins Eglin contract for 100 receivers

Recognition of advanced features and highest value

If you were responsible for testing the world’s most complex and advanced fighter jets and missiles, what equipment would you use? Only the best!

In the Air Force’s 3rd year and 3rd round SEGR (Spectrum Efficient Ground Receiver) procurement, Eglin AFB refined their requirements and thoroughly tested receivers to a new and even more stringent level. Only one vendor met requirements in all categories and qualified as the “Best Value” to the Air Force.

That’s right – Quasonix RDMS™ receivers have been selected again. Another 100 units are lining up for production in Ohio with enhanced features such as Adaptive Equalization, STC, LDPC, DQM, DQE, and STRCI, all performing flawlessly in required modulations and at all data rates to 46Mbps. This array of new technologies helps Quasonix RDMS™ receivers perform like no other, excelling during edge cases – maintaining telemetry lock, minimizing dropouts, and ensuring better data quality in the most brutal range and testing dynamics, far beyond traditional telemetry receivers from even a few years ago. Quasonix truly is Reinventing Telemetry™.

Our sales growth, in pictures

Thirteen-thousand units can't be wrong

3rd-Generation RDMS™ Release 17 available

New features and refinements, driven by our customers

Our third-generation RDMS™ takes another big step forward with this software/firmware release, available this Wednesday, October 16. Here are just some of the improvements you’ll see:

Enhanced antenna tracking capability with all-digital antenna control protocol, using existing AM outputs and cables (requires HyperTrack™-compatible ACU).

Enhanced Best-Channel Selector display
Added display of the Combiner’s Quality in addition to the Best Channel Selector’s Quality for better indication of signal environment.

Automatic Phase Noise Compensation (PNC)
When enabled, eliminates guesswork surrounding “Should I enable PNC?” Dynamically detects degenerate transmit signals (e.g., high phase noise), enables PNC to improve performance when needed, and disables PNC for maximum trellis demodulator performance when not needed.

Front Panel and Browser Interface include Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT)
Front Panel provides BERT setup controls. Browser Interface introduces a new expanded Test Utilities page (accessible from Configure) for BERT setup controls, as well as BERT status monitoring.

Improved Browser Interface
Better feedback of receiver operation, and enhanced Configure page functionality.

Enhanced RDMS™ API
Improved feedback, including indication that PUT is not processed if RDMS™ is busy when received, and device ready status indication; BERT controls, as well as status fields; receiver graphics available as bitmap download.

-CS1 Cyber-Security option
Support for customer generated certificates. Adds HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) to instruct browser to use HTTPS.

And much more!

Please note that the Release 15 update is a ‘gatekeeper’ release and must be performed via SD card prior to update to Release 17. Once R15 has been installed, future updates can be performed via SD card or network connection.

To receive release notes, update cards or packages, if you have any questions about this update, or if you have suggestions for future enhancements, please contact Keep the feedback coming, and we’ll keep making the best even better.

Moorpark facility receives ISO certification

Quasonix reaffirms its customer commitment

On September 18, 2019, Quasonix, Inc. announced receipt of ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Moorpark, CA facility, which is focused on antenna development and production. ISO 9001 is a quality management standard recognized around the world with the objective of improving product quality and customer focus through process improvement.

Terry Hill, president of Quasonix, stated that, “Quasonix has always used design, manufacturing, and test procedures that ensured our customers got the quality they expected and needed. The upgrade to ISO 9001:2015 at our Antenna Division increases customer focus and puts additional emphasis on sensitivity to the markets we serve. It tells our customers that we’re committed to attaining even higher levels of quality and performance.”

New website launched

Another investment in our customers

We have launched a re-design of the website. At first glance, you’ll notice a little more color and a little bit cleaner look. But the changes go much deeper.

One of our key goals in this upgrade has been to make it easier for customers to find the information they need. In the new site, you’ll see:

  • Additional content, both about our products and for product support
  • Some re-organization of the site’s content to make navigation easier
  • An improved site search function
  • Dedicated libraries for product information, transmitter drawings, and receiver manuals
  • Comprehensive contact information, including geographic filtering to connect with the sales support for your region

And while the old site was mobile responsive, the new site should look better and be more functional on any device.

We’re not about to rest on our laurels. This re-design lays the foundation for future improvements and new features. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy the upgrades. If there’s anything we can do to make the website more useful to you, don’t hesitate to contact us – either through the site itself, or by writing to