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Quasonix offers truly innovative transmitters, receivers, and demodulators for flight test telemetry. Performance is our hallmark. If it's a Quasonix product, then it outperforms the competition. Otherwise, we just wouldn’t bother. Quasonix: Reinventing Telemetry™

Precision Drive Antenna Systems

Quasonix offers a series of Precision Drive (PD) pedestals utilizing reflectors from 4 feet to 20 feet in diameter, which can be easily integrated with RF and optical payloads for a wide range of telemetry tracking applications.  The PD series of positioners and the ACU1000 antenna control unit (ACU) are designed and manufactured to operate in extreme environments, incorporating modular designs and industrial grade products, conceived with long service life, minimal maintenance and robust performance in mind.

NEW 3rd Generation Rack-Mount RDMS™

Dare to compare the new 3rd Generation RDMS™ with our proven 2nd Generation model. The highest performing telemetry receiver on the market is available in an elegant, compact 1U rack mount package and a new 3U touchscreen package with dual, 7-inch full color touchscreens. Configurations include one or two channels, a built-in integrated, three-channel spectrum analyzer, automatic AGC zeroing, PCM deframing (header detection/extraction, Sub-Frame ID (SFID) checking/extraction), built-in playback demodulator, combiner IF output, simultaneous TTL and RS-422 outputs, contiguous frequency tuning, adaptive equalizer, and decoding for SOQPSK Space Time Coded and Low Density Parity Check encoded signals.

Compact RDMS™

Quasonix’ Multi-Mode Compact RDMS™ Telemetry Receiver features an extremely-sensitive RF downconverter integrated with the company's market-leading ARTM demodulator and bit synchronization in a compact 12 cubic inch flight-ready package. When compared to the competition, RDMS offers a remarkable 6 to 8 dB sensitivity advantage. What you choose to do with the extra link margin is up to you.

NEW RDMS™ Status Logger

Need a powerful way to analyze receiver/demodulator mission dynamics? The Quasonix RDMS™ Status Logger is the solution. View metrics in a real-time graphics display and log status information to a file. With two configurations, the RDMS™ Status Logger is versatile AND easy to set up. The Compact Status Logger provides an interface between an available USB port on your PC and the 25 pin control port on the rear panel of an RDMS receiver. A 1U interface unit provides for up to four (4) RDMS connections simultaneously. What other status logger tool can access the data, timestamp them, and log them to a PC hard drive or SD card, enabling unparalleled access to metrics for post-mission analysis? None that we know of.

Rack-Mount Receiver Analyzer

With two complete ARTM signal generators covering 200 MHz to 2500 MHz and 4.4 GHz to 5.25 GHz contiguously and power levels from 0 dBm to –130 dBm, the Receiver Analyzer automates a wide range of receiver and combiner performance tests including bit error rate, noise figure, acquisition time and threshold, combiner break frequency, and PCM/FM modulation index tests. Eight bit error rate testers include integrated synchronization detection/timing and bit clock frequency counters.