EVTM Encoder-Decoders

Quasonix compact (airborne) Ethernet-Via-Telemetry (EVTM) encoder-decoder

Redefine the “Local” in Local Area Network

With the Quasonix Ethernet Via Telemetry (EVTM) system, your test article can be on your ground station LAN, just like any other computer or Ethernet appliance. With an Ethernet switch in your test article, you can connect cameras, Voice over IP, computers, and more to your network on the ground.

This is one long-distance relationship that works. It starts with rigorous encoding of your IP packets into serial streaming telemetry with an airborne encoder-decoder, then decoding the serial stream back to IP on the receiving end with a ground-based encoder-decoder. For bi-directional communication, the process is repeated from ground to airborne using the same units.

Quasonix offers two hardware solutions. The first is a simple encoder-decoder, available in compact (airborne) and rackmount forms. The second is a new node controller that can be configured much like a router, allowing for sophisticated control of the system.

Key Features

  • High Speed Ethernet Traffic Over Telemetry Links
    Ethernet telemetry data rates up to 40 Mbps using standard Ethernet protocols.
  • Enables Ethernet Data Transmission for a Wide Variety of Applications
    Multimedia streaming, data source selection, data source isolation and forwarding, source rate and coding
    control in reaction to channel impairments, network extension, Voice over IP (VoIP), COTS based Ethernet
    products such as Industrial Control Sensor Devices and data recorders
  • Supports all TCP/IP Packet Types
    Streaming UDP packets, TCP connections, ICMP and SNMP messages are all passed over the air.
    Connection-oriented traffic requires a bidirectional link.


  • Time Division Duplex (TDD) or Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) Operation
    TDD synchronizes from GPS clock standard, or Master Slave mode. TDD switching modules can be added to existing FDD hardware.
  • Simple Interface 
    Packets appearing on the Quasonix transmitter’s Ethernet port are available at the receiver’s Ethernet port. To the end user, it’s like having an internet cable from the test article to the ground.
  • Optional COTS Devices Provide Tremendous Additional Capability
    An industrial computer module between the data sources and the transmitter allows sophisticated control of the downlink traffic. Ethernet enabled data recorders provide an interface for legacy sensors.

Possible Applications

  • Source Control/Selection
    Devices can be optionally enabled, disabled, and controlled either directly for Ethernet devices or via an Ethernet-enabled controller.
  • Encryption
    The same security and encryption protocols available on the Internet become available over the telemetry link.
  • Transmitter Power Cycling Controls
    For power-sensitive application, the ground controller can send messages to an air Ethernet-enabled controller to power the transmitter only when downlink data is required.
  • Network Extension
    Isolated networks can be bridged over any terrain.
  • Diagnostics and Health Monitoring
    • The same status and error messages that maintain the Internet are available for monitoring and administration of the telemetry network.
    • The Ground controller can monitor for transmitted network messages indicating link and link loss.
    • For low-security operations, GPS location data can be easily inserted into the downlink network traffic.
    • Alarm, fault, and status messages can be multiplexed into the downlink stream using standard protocols (such as ICMP).
  • Data Isolation and Forwarding
    Source data can be partitioned by its network destination address permitting the ground station to forward traffic only to the appropriate destination.
  • Control of COTS Camera Parameters
    Video resolution, video compression, and camera direction can be controlled remotely via the Ethernet uplink.

Product Literature

TypeTitleVersionFile SizeUpdatedLengthDescription

EVTM Standard Letter of Volatility2020.06.20This document describes the memory and media present in Quasonix EVTM products.

Ethernet Via Telemetry Datasheet2023.10.16Hardware required to enable Ethernet Via Telemetry (EVTM), plus some of the advantages and possible applications.

Receiver and Transmitter Catalog2022.11.28Catalog of products including Rackmount and Compact RDMS™ Receivers; TIMTER™, nanoTX™, and nanoPuck™ Transmitters; transmitter accessories and heat sinks; Ethernet Via Telemetry (EVTM); and the Receiver Analyzer.

User Manuals and Guides

TypeTitleVersionFile SizeUpdatedLengthDescription

EVTM Encoder/Decoder Manual1.1.42022.11.18Installation and operation of the EVTM (Ethernet Via Telemetry) Stand-alone Encoder/Decoder, designed to translate Ethernet packet data to serial streaming clock and data, for input to transmitters.

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