Policies and Notices


F-20 Quality Notes

Outline of how Quasonix processes correspond to the requirements frequently found in customer quality notes.

Limited Warranty

This Limited Warranty applies to all hardware and software products and internal components of such products (the “Products”) sold by Quasonix, or its representatives, authorized resellers, or country distributors.

Quality Management System Documentation

Overview of our quality policy and the systems, processes, and management that support it.

Standard Terms and Conditions

Quasonix, Inc. general terms and conditions of sale of goods.


Comment Policy

This page outlines the purpose of comments and the steps we take to make sure comments are useful and relevant to our customers.


Information regarding Quasonix’s ownership of the content of this site, our effort to keep the site up to date and safe, and limits on our liability.

Photo Credits

Copyright information and attributions for the photos appearing on this site.

Privacy Policy

This page describes our dedication to keeping personal information private, including minimal use of cookies on this website and adherence to international privacy laws.

Terms of Service

This page describes visitors’ responsibilities when using this website and limits on Quasonix’s liability.