Maximum Likelihood Stream Combiner™

“Best” Just Got Better

Introducing the Quasonix Maximum Likelihood Stream Combiner™, a new approach to Best Source Selection that extracts optimal data from multiple received signals. Brought to you by the engineering team that developed the industry’s premier Best Channel Selector, the MLSC™ leverages Data Quality Encapsulation (DQE), Maximum Likelihood Bit Detection (MLBD), and proprietary Quasonix algorithms to improve your received data accuracy under the most challenging conditions.

Key Features

  • Industry-Leading Implementation of the DQM/DQE Industry Standard — The MLSC faithfully implements MLBD, using the Data Quality Metric (DQM) for each bit of every bit stream to determine the most likely correct output bit. Not only does the MLSC derive the lowest achievable output bit error rate possible, it also constructs accurate DQM for the output stream, which can be used in cascaded MLSC™ arrangements or by other downstream equipment.
  • Superior Dynamic Acquisition and Tracking Performance — MLBD is only optimal if all received data streams are able to participate in the combining process at all times. This requires seamlessly maintaining stream alignment at the bit level, while tracking signals through the deep fades that are typical of serial streaming telemetry channels, and almost instantly reacquiring and realigning those streams that lose lock. The resulting system can easily track Doppler rate differentials due to the fastest of targets, well above Mach 25.
  • Huge Performance Gains — Greater than 6 orders of magnitude in BER over the BER of the best single stream, given 8 streams with BERs between 10% and the best single stream.
  • Affordable and Scalable — Twelve PCM I/O and twelve TMoIP I/O are independently configurable as input or output for MLSC groups, with up to twelve input channels and four channel groups (outputs) per unit. MLSC units can be cascaded to achieve any number of channels for larger systems and can be paralleled to support any number of channel groups.
  • Easy to Set Up and Use — Automatic DQE frame detection; local front panel interface with four displays for health and status monitoring, including presentation of DQM, time skew, and source-selection state; browser interface for health status monitoring, including integrated status reporting and logging such as input and output quality and quantifications of improvement.
  • Supported by Lifetime Software Updates — Easily field upgradeable.

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MLSC™ Datasheet2023.11.17Features and specifications for the Quasonix Maximum Likelihood Stream Combiner™, a better “Best Channel Selector” that leverages Data Quality Encapsulation (DQE), Maximum Likelihood Bit Detection (MLBD), and proprietary Quasonix algorithms.

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The MLSC is full-featured out of the box and has no additional options.

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