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Rack Mount RDMS™ Non-ITAR

West Chester, OH Quasonix, Inc. recently confirmed that their popular Rack Mount RDMS™ Telemetry Receivers are no longer on the United States Munitions List (USML) thus making them non-ITAR products.

Terry Hill, president of Quasonix, explained the ruling. "When the Final Rules of the Export Control Reform Initiative were published, we saw that the time was right to request a formal Commodity Jurisdiction ruling. As expected, our rack mount receivers were ruled to be in category 5A991, which means they are not on the USML, and not subject to ITAR controls. This is a huge benefit to our foreign customers who can now buy these cutting-edge products through a greatly streamlined export process."


Quasonix designs, develops, and manufactures high performance aeronautical telemetry systems and is a recognized industry leader for spectrally efficient modulations such as SOQPSK and Multi-h CPM. Quasonix’ advanced product line extends from the air to the ground and includes transmitters, receivers, and demodulators with integral bit synchronizers. Quasonix is…Reinventing Telemetry™.