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Quasonix offers a variety of innovative accessories for use with transmitters and receivers.

2nd Generation Ruggedized Handheld Programmer

Control your Quasonix transmitters remotely without bulky computers or monitors. Easily access common parameters, terminal commands, and save or recall presets with the Quasonix touch screen interface. Automatic device detection provides precision access.

Heat Sinks for Multi-Mode Transmitters

The transmitter-powered heat sink is compatible with most Quasonix transmitter models and includes a power supply for North American operation. The transmitter-powered heat sink eliminates the need for an external power supply. With an integral fan, power supply, and temperature-controlled power on, the provided connectors and pigtail cable allow the heat sink to draw power directly from a Quasonix transmitter. A fan-cooled copper heat sink is also available. Contact Quasonix for heat sink recommendations for your TIMTER transmitter.

2nd Generation Frequency and Mode Switch Box for Transmitters

The 2nd Generation Quasonix switch box provides six LED digits used to display the mode and frequency. This includes a total of five digits of frequency step up or down, in MHz, and one digit of mode selection, in terms of the ARTM “Tier” number. There is also a channel selector for channel 1 or channel 2. Two channel operation is only valid when connected to a Dual Telemetry Transmitter. Standard transmitters default to Channel 1.

EVTM Stand-alone Encoder/Decoder

Compatible with any transmitter or receiver, the EVTM Stand-alone Encoder/Decoder can support bidirectional data from a single piece of hardware. Translate Ethernet packet data to serial streaming clock and data for input to transmitters, or translate recovered serial clock and data from a telemetry receiver back to original Ethernet packets. Available in Airborne and 1U Rack Mount models.